Ownership of site agreement to terms of use

By paying any part of the invoice the hirer is also agreeing to the Terms &
Until full payment is received the date cannot be confirmed.
Payment must be made by the date as stated on the hirer’s individual invoice.

Cancelation on or within 7 days of the event will render the payment non-
refundable and full payment will be taken as a cancelation fee.
A 25% cancelation fee will be applied if the event is canceled within 8-14 days of
the event date.

All prices are inclusive of GST unless otherwise stated.

Bliss AU will never under any circumstances sell your details to a third party.
Hiring, Delivery and Service
Delivery, set up and removal of equipment are free of charge.
Equipment will be set up and removed outside the chosen rental time.
Your host will aim to arrive 45 minutes in advance of the event in order to
ensure a smooth set up and delivery of the Bliss AU service.
An earlier set up time may be organized prior to the event date however an
additional fee may apply.
Your host will remain with the equipment at all times during the rental period to
ensure the service is run as smoothly as possible.
The hirer will be liable for any damage suffered to any equipment extending but
not limited to the booth, backdrop, printer, props.

Use of Images
By making payment, the hirer automatically gives Bliss AU permission to use
images from the event for advertising purposes extending to the Bliss AU
website and or social media pages. The hirer can state prior to the event that
they do not give permission for Bliss AU to use their images for any purposes and
Bliss AU will adhere accordingly.
Additionally, no images deemed inappropriate, distasteful or personally
damaging will ever be used in any way by Bliss AU.
Bliss AU will not be held liable for failing to perform to the agreement due to
circumstances deemed to be beyond reasonable control, extending but not
limited to, power outages, interruptions in service or natural disasters.
Bliss AU reserves the right to halt the usage of any equipment at any time during
the event if the host feels it is being misused in a way that is dangerous to any
persons or posing potential damage to equipment
Any variations in these terms and conditions must be agreed to by Bliss AU prior
to an event.